The Green Cows 1


Beef is produced from our herd of Pedigree Irish Moiled Cattle which is the only indigenous cattle breed to Northern Ireland.

The cattle spend their entire life outside fed on grass, supplemented with hay throughout the winter months. They are reared slowly resulting in the distinctive marbling of the meat.

Irish moiled meat is highly sought after by top restaurants.


Lamb, mutton and wool is sourced from our herd of Pedigree Leicester Longwool sheep. Leicester Longwools are one of the rarest native breeds in the UK.

They have unique characteristics and genetic traits which are now recognised as valuable to national commercial farming.

They are very hardy and good mothers providing wonderful fleeces, which are popular with hand spinners.


Pork is produced from our herd of prize winning pedigree Middle White pigs which are entirely free range.The sows farrow outside in arks and the piglets are weaned naturally with the pigs living together in family groups in a natural environment. 

Free range pork is an entirely different meat from the pale, pink, flabby, factory farmed pork. For the reality of pig factory farming see links.

The Middle White pig is the only entirely pork pig in the UK. It is early-maturing and quick growing, and produces succulent, sweet-tasting pork. The Emperor of Japan is said to eat no other type of pork and a shrine has been dedicated in honour of the breed.

The Middle White is championed by many chefs including Antony Worrall Thompson and James Martin. Unfortunately the Middle White is on the Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST) endangered list, largely due to the introduction into the UK of hybrid breeds adapted for factory farming.