Today was shearing day at the Green Farm for our beautiful Leicester Longwools and Oxford Downs. The ewes and Bunyan the ram were more than ready to de-robe especially in the current warmer weather. The length of their fleeces also poses a very real risk to the sheep who can – if they are on their backs – sometimes find it difficult to get up due to the sheer weight. It is therefore an important part of animal husbandry.

Wool production is the oldest trade known to man and sheep have been shorn since 3500 bc. Shearers are highly skilled practitioners with the welfare of the sheep a priority and they can shear  the fleece so expertly that it remains  in one piece. My job was to get the fleeces ready for bagging – laying them out skin side down ,removing any of the daggings (hardened sheep dung) and then folding and rolling the fleeces – the glamour of it all!

We will take the wool to the Wool Board in Antrim in the next week or so.


Wool is 100% natural, renewable (sheep produce a new fleece each year) and completely biodegradable – it can be returned to the soil where it decomposes releasing nutrients into the ground. So if you are a conscious consumer think wool!!!